Karachi: Refusal to Give Woman a License to Ride a Motorcycle

Karachi: Refusal to Give Woman a License to Ride a Motorcycle

Recently, a woman approached the government office in Karachi to get a bike license, but not only was she denied a license, but she was told that women were not 'allowed' to get one. On social networking site Twitter, Shereen Ferozepurwalla said in a tweet that she had taken motorcycle classes last month and was calm enough to be able to ride a bike.

She wrote that she could not afford to buy a car yet and that her budget was being burdened by rising fares for other transport services. Shireen Ferozepurwalla wrote that imagine a one-way fare of less than 8 km had to pay Rs. 600 (sometimes Rs. 900 in pack times), thus costing about Rs. Which is why he decided to take a motorcycle.

According to the woman, she decided to get a license to ride a motorcycle, but unfortunately, she was denied a license because she was a woman. According to the woman, everything was fine, but when the person at the counter entered her details into the system and when she convinced him that she also needed a motorcycle license, the man became angry.

The post further said that the person at the counter told them to get out of here, we do not give bike licenses to girls, you are a woman, you drive. Shireen Ferozepurwalla further wrote that I asked the reason for this useless role but obviously they did not give me an answer but kept asking me to go out.

He later verified the license from another branch through a person and from there it was also said that he does not give bike licenses to women. At the end of his post, he asked why this was done. And what kind of rules are these? On the woman's tweet and Facebook post, many people expressed anger at the officials who licensed the bikes and also expressed anger over the fact that she was denied the license as she was only a woman.

In his tweet, he also mentioned Prime Minister Imran Khan. On the issue, Shireen Ferozepurwalla told Dawn Images that after her social media posts went viral, she found out that many girls like her were initially denied licenses, but several women protested in front of staff there. He refused to go without a license and got a license.

She also vowed to go to the office once again to get a license, and this time with a license. He also lamented that when there are no such laws, why are the people sitting in the offices working voluntarily? He said that this meant that if the person behind the counter did not like women, he could voluntarily refuse to issue licenses to women.

Shireen Ferozepurwalla also raised the question as to why everything in our country has been made difficult for women and easy for men. According to her, the women who got motorcycle licenses were lucky that they did not encounter any disgusting men.


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