Karachi Circular Railway to be restored in 6 months: Supreme Court verdict

Karachi Circular Railway to be restored in 6 months: Supreme Court verdict

Posted on Mar 13, 2020

KARACHI: The Supreme Court has directed the Federal Secretary of Finance to restart the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) in six months to ensure that the Railways is funded for the completion of the project. There should be no interruption in the execution.

A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah was informed that Pakistan Railway will restore KCR at a cost of about Rs 6 billion.

The matter was heard by a bench of the Supreme Court on March 6, after which a detailed verdict was now issued.

The decision stated that the Attorney General, Advocate General, Secretary Railway, Sindh Chief Secretary and other federal and provincial authorities had made a presentation on whether the Karachi Circular Railway project could be restored as it was closed while the second option. To incorporate the KCR into the Pak-China Economic Transit (C-PEC) with new and modern infrastructure.

The Bench, in its judgment, wrote that finally, this Court has come to the conclusion that the first option is the best, in which Secretary Pakistan Railways assured that the time period set by the KCR court in its February 20, 2020 order. 6 months is in the same period as it was closed.

However, the decision stated that Pakistan could continue to consider the plan to modernize the KCR through the Railway C-PEC, and on the confirmation of such an upgrade, only through the railway without stopping the already active KCR.

The court said on behalf of the Attorney General that the federal government would ensure that no department was delayed or delayed in the restoration of KCR.

In addition, the Secretary Railway said that there would be about 24 level crossings, which would cause serious problems for road traffic and the Sindh government would resolve the issue in consultation with the railways and underpasses for road traffic flow. We will plan to build the upper lanes.

In addition, it was clearly stated in the court by the Chief Secretary and other provincial government officials that Sindh would cooperate with the railways in restoring the government's CR.

The bench directed the Sindh Government to immediately construct the necessary infrastructure of underpasses and upper lanes at the level crossing level and ensure that the operation of KCR is not hampered by road traffic. ۔

The bench asked Railway Secretary and Chief Secretary Sindh to submit a report on the restoration of KCR and steps taken in this regard on March 26.

The court also directed that Secretary Railway, Provincial Chief Secretary, Commissioner Karachi, Attorney General, and Advocate General should ensure their presence at the next hearing.


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