Justice Isa Case: 'Asset Export Unit Does Not Perform According to the Laws'

Justice Isa Case: 'Asset Export Unit Does Not Perform According to the Laws'

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

Islamabad: Senator Raza Rabbani read out the Notice and Term of Reference (TOR) Notice of Establishment of Assets Export Unit (ARU) in the Supreme Court and took the stand that the company was operating without telling the law. ۔

According to the report, Raza Rabbani termed the action taken by the ARU as 'Witch hunt' and said 'this is not a violation of Article 209 of the Notice and the TOR Constitution'.

It may be recalled that Justice Qazi Faez was representing Sindh Bar Council in front of a 10-member Supreme Court bench against the filing of a presidential reference.

Reading the notice dated November 6, 2018, he took the stand that the cabinet had decided to set up an asset export unit for illegal off-shore assets and the purpose was not to collect material but to inquire.

According to the TOR, the ARU can collect information or evidence from Pakistani nationals with the help of NAB, FIA, FBR and other law enforcement agencies.

Raza Rabbani said that under Section 7 of the TOR, the ARU can request assistance in collecting material from any secret agency under the federal government.

He said that "it gives freedom to the intelligence agencies to interfere with anyone's personal life and strengthens hands against executive judges."

Responding to a question, Raza Rabbani said that he did not know that any institution in the world had so many options.


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