Just 24 hours after the father's death, the daughter also died of the corona virus

Just 24 hours after the father's death, the daughter also died of the corona virus

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

Heathrow Airport Immigration Officer Sudhir Sharma died of the coronavirus just 24 hours after his daughter Pooja also died of the coronavirus.

According to The Sun, 61-year-old Sudhir Sharma, who worked at Terminal 3, died of coronavirus and his pharmacist daughter Pooja, 33, also lost her life.

Airport officials believe that Sudhir Sharma was not infected with the coronavirus while on duty, but contracted the virus from somewhere else, as he last came on duty on January 7.

According to airport officials, "This is very sad news. Sudhir Sharma was the best man. Everyone on duty is talking about him."

"Sudhir's widow will not be able to attend his last rites and it is a pity," he added.

According to the report, Sudhir Sharma had been ill for many years due to various illnesses due to which he did not even come on duty for several days.

Sudhir Sharma's daughter Pooja, on the other hand, was a pharmacist at Eastburn District Hospital in London. A few days before her death, she was diagnosed with corona, after which she was undergoing treatment.

According to the report, it was not clear whether Pooja contracted the coronavirus due to her father or whether the virus was transmitted to her from somewhere else.

"Sudhir was a great man, he was an experienced officer, he will always be remembered," said Nick Jariwala, director of the Border Force at Heathrow Airport, quoting Sharma.

On the other hand, a friend of Pooja wrote about him that he and Pooja are colleagues of the university. It was very sad to hear the news of his demise.

It should be noted that the countries where the coronavirus is currently spreading rapidly include the United Kingdom, where the number of deaths from the coronavirus has risen to 759 so far.

The UK has imposed a partial lockdown to deal with the epidemic, while transport and businesses have also been shut down.

Italy, Spain, and China have recorded the highest number of deaths so far, according to details provided on the website by 2.30 pm on March 28 (today).

The total death toll was 9,134 in Italy, 5,138 in Spain, and 3,177 in China (Wuhan).

In addition, the total number of deaths from the virus in the United States had reached 1,700.

According to the information provided on the website, 492,775 people in 10 countries of the world while 15,407 people in other countries of the world are infected with the coronavirus.

The world's top 10 affected countries include the United States, Italy, China, Spain, Germany, France, Iran, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and South Korea, respectively.


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