Islamabad High Court points to contempt of court proceedings against NAB officials

Islamabad High Court points to contempt of court proceedings against NAB officials

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed to initiate contempt proceedings against the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officers in an attempt to defame IHC judges and prejudice the pending proceedings.

The IHC Division Bench comprising Chief Justice Athar Mannullah and Justice Mian Hassan Aurangzeb stated this in their order issued during a hearing on a bail plea before the arrest of former Minister of Housing and Works Akram Khan Durrani March 17.

It should be noted that NAB submitted a report in a sealed envelope that had 'secret' written in bold letters.

"The report alleges that the petitioner [Akram Durrani] along with the judges of the District Court Islamabad and the officials/staff of this court, Misused his authority by allocating space the government officials of the Supreme Court.

The report also stated that allotments were given to IHC judges under Rule 6 (7) of the Allocation Rules 2002.

The NAB deputy prosecutor general and the investigating officer were asked if the allotment given to IHC judges was illegal, the order said. He replied that these allotments were illegal and were given under Rule 6 (7) of 2002.

The court ruled that NAB officials could not provide any explanation as to whether the names of the judges in the list were in accordance with Rule 6 (7) of the Allotment 2002.

The court order also stated that "the investigating officer was asked why he did not seek the arrest of the applicant when the report stated that the judges and the staff/officers of this court had an out-of-turn allotment and they Also held a meeting in this court in August 2014? The NAB has no complimentary explanation in this regard. '

It said that the Deputy Prosecutor General and the investigating officer of NAB failed to provide any reason for keeping the report confidential.


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