Is Italy the most affected by the Corona virus country Success in controlling the outbreak?

Is Italy the most affected by the Corona virus country Success in controlling the outbreak?

Posted on Apr 3, 2020

Italy is the world's most affected country by the death toll from the new Novel Corona virus. So far, more than 115,000 people have been affected in Italy, while around 14,000 have been killed and 18,000 have been healed.

Spain is the second largest country in terms of casualties, where the number is more than 10,000, while the United States is third with close to 6,000 casualties.

But now there are signs that the outbreak in Italy has started to decline since March 8, and the number of new cases has started to decline daily over the past few days.

According to Italy's Civil Protection Department, the country has finally slowed the rate of virus outbreaks.

Italy was the first country in Europe outside of China where cases of the virus came to light, and now it is the second largest country in the world after the United States, with more than 115,000 people sick.

Since March 9, 60 million Italian people have been imprisoned in their homes, and new data shows that the virus transmission and reduction in cases is encouraging.

But Italian physicians such as Lorenzo Cassini, director of a medical center in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, say that yes we have slowed the spread of the virus, we see some hope and light, but the tunnel is much longer.

Is Italy really successful in its war angainst CoronaVirus?

Data from multiple sources indicates that Italy is succeeding in slowing the spread of the virus.

According to Nano Cartabileto, president of the Italian health care research firm Gumby Foundation, "With each passing day, the number of cases today is magical compared to the previous day, when that number reaches zero percent, there is no new case."

According to Italy's national data, the overall case rate increased by only four and a half percent from March 31 to April 1, which is very good, as it was close to 13 percent between March 16 and 17.

Experts already expected that the number of cases would decrease in Italy in late March and early April, leading to a lockdown move a few weeks ago.

According to scientists at the Italian National Institute of Health, it is very important that evidence emerges that the effects of what we are doing are diminishing; ۔

But the experts are not ready to rejoice and they say that we should not be happy with these statistics, as there will be many cases of victims of Covid-19 but they have not yet been tested, the mild symptoms or The number of sick people without symptoms can be very high.

Massimo Galei, head of the epidemiology unit at Sako Hospital in Milan, said there may be an increase in the number of cases that are not diagnosed 'difficult to predict right now because there is so much to know.'

He said that the new data would provide some relief as it indicates that the pressure on hospitals will be reduced and the number of more serious cases will be reduced.


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