Is Corona Virus Cured with Chloroquine Medicine in the United States?

Is Corona Virus Cured with Chloroquine Medicine in the United States?

In China and France, a drug treating Coronavirus patients came to the fore, after US President Donald Trump announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug, but The FDA immediately denied his statement.

According to AFP reports, the US president said that the United States is increasingly working on anti-malarial drugs to treat this new virus.

The US president further said that "this drug has very encouraging results and we will ensure its immediate availability".

"The FDA is doing a great job and they have approved it under the approval process," he said.

American broadcaster CNN, on the other hand, said in its report that the US president's claim that the FDA approved chloroquine for the treatment of the corona virus is incorrect.

CNN wrote in its report that after President Donald Trump's address, the FDA made a briefing stating that they had neither approved chloroquine nor any other drug to treat the Coronavirus.

The FDA also clarified that chloroquine is an approved drug for treatment, so doctors are allowed to prescribe it for legally approved or off-label reasons, such as the coronavirus if desired.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hein pointed out that access to the drug has been expanded until the drug is officially approved so that authorities can collect more data.

The FDA commissioner added that if a drug is available, doctors may request it for use by patients, we have a procedure and it is approved very quickly.

"For example, many Americans have read this research and heard about chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, in media reports," he added.

According to the FDA commissioner, "as President Trump said, it has been approved but for the treatment of malaria and arthritis."


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