Iraq: Request for para-military demonstrators to leave the US embassy

Iraq: Request for para-military demonstrators to leave the US embassy

Paramilitary troops protesting against US airstrikes in Iraq have urged their supporters to withdraw from the US Embassy in Baghdad.

According to a foreign news agency 'Reuters', despite the request of paramilitary forces, there was no sign of the evacuation of the protesters immediately from the confines of the US embassy.

It should be noted that protesters attacked US airstrikes against Iranian-backed groups outside the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Protesters threw stones at the building while security forces opened fire on tear gas and stain grenades in an attempt to disperse them.

According to the latest developments, the paramilitary forces of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have requested the mob to evacuate the US Embassy.

The PMF said, "The message of the protesters has been heard, and therefore they should leave now."

It should be noted that thousands of demonstrators attacked the US embassy after killing two dozen Hezbollah fighters in the US airstrike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Many US diplomats and embassy staff were safely evacuated before the protesters rallied.
This is the first time in several years that protesters have been able to reach the US Embassy, ​​where the embassy is located in a highly secured area after several security checkpoints.

Protesters hoisted flags in support of armed groups' al-Shahad al-Shabaab, who have joined the security forces at large.

In this regard, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the attack was "organized by terrorists," one of whom was named Abu Mahdi al-Mohandas.

Abu Mahdi al-Mahindas was identified as a deputy leader of the Tehran-backed militant organization, Al-Shahad al-Shabaab, which includes Qatabi Hezbollah, who was targeted in the US invasion.

US President Donald Trump has warned Tehran that it will have to pay a "heavy price" over the provocation by Iran-backed protesters at the US embassy in Iraq.

In response to the US president, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei condemned the airstrikes in Iraq and threatened that his country was ready to counter the threats.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, "This attack has nothing to do with Iran, so you cannot make a wrong decision."

He added, "The other thing is, get the nails done. People in this region hate America. Why don't Americans understand that?"



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