Iran warned of further attacks on US in case of any aggression

Iran warned of further attacks on US in case of any aggression

The Iranian-backed revolution has cautioned the United States in the strongest terms, saying that any further action or aggression against Iran will be given a more painful and vigorous response.

According to a report from the Iranian news agency Tasnim News, the statement issued by the Revolutionary Guards said that "brave soldiers of the IRGC Aerospace Force carried out a successful operation in the name of General Qasim Sulaimani at the Assad Assad military base occupied by the US military. Ballistic Missile Strikes'.

"We warn all US allies, who give this terrorist army its military base, that if any area is in any way the starting point of the offensive against the Islamic Republic of Iran," the statement from the Allied Revolution said. If made, it will be targeted. '

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"In no way do we consider the Zionist government (Israel) to be separate from the crimes of the US government," the statement said.

The Revolutionaries called for the withdrawal of US forces from danger and the Washington government not to allow the American troops to endanger the lives of Americans.

Iran is believed to have launched missile attacks on US-led coalition forces in Iraq in response to the death of al-Qaeda chief General Qasim Sulaimani in the wake of a US drone strike last night.


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