Iran want to end the differences immediately with Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Iran want to end the differences immediately with Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Iranian ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi has said that Iran wants to resolve the differences between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as soon as possible.

According to news agency Reuters, Iraj Masjedi said in a statement that the death of Iranian commander General Qasim Sulaimani in Baghdad airport in the US drone strike last month was a message of a possible reconciliation with Saudi Arabia for Iran.

Referring to recent Iraqi efforts for reconciliation in the region, he said he appreciates Iraq's role in resolving issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

"Iran wants to resolve as many differences and challenges with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as possible," said Iraj Masjedi.

He said Qasim Sulaimani had arrived in Baghdad airport on January 3 to convey his message where he was killed and determined Tehran to fight terrorism and seek peace in the region.

Media reports of peace message to the Saudi government were reported by General Qasim Sulaimani, but last month a Saudi official expressing ignorance said that he had been asked to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh. None of Sulaimani's message is known.

Iraj Masjedi said Iran would respond in the future if the US attacked.

Referring to the Iranian attack on the US military base, he said it was also reported that the attack on Ain al-Assad was planned to kill General Qasim Sulaimani in a drone strike and the drone was flown there.

In the Yemen war, Saudi Arabia has consistently accused Iran of helping Houthi rebels, where they have allies in the United Arab Emirates and other countries, while Iran has rejected those claims.

On September 14 last year, Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco's installations were attacked, citing doubts over Iran, and the United States explicitly imposed its responsibility on Iran.

Saudi Arabia, while presenting the remnants of drones and missiles used to attack Aramco on September 18, 2019, claimed that it was "irrefutable evidence of Iranian aggression."

Later, Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Iran was ready to start talks with its rival Saudi Arabia in the region.

In an interview to the Qatari broadcasting agency Al Jazeera, Ali Larijani said that Iran is ready for talks with Saudi Arabia in the region as well as from other countries, talks with Iran and Saudi Arabia on security and many political issues in the region.

He said the talks would be seen as a victory in the country and Saudi Arabia need not rely solely on its major ally America.

Ali Larijani had said that "they will see that Iran's strategy is working, Iran is a strong military force and for countries that are not friends of Iran, negotiations instead of military conflict are beneficial".

"Riyadh can present his proposals for discussion at the negotiating table without any preconditions," he said.


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