Iran has the highest number of 147 deaths in a single day from Corona

Iran has the highest number of 147 deaths in a single day from Corona

Posted on Mar 19, 2020

Iran is one of the countries most affected by the Corona virus in the world, where 147 victims died in one day, after which the total number of deaths has risen to 1135.

According to a report by the foreign news agency AP, the cases of Corona virus have increased again in Iran for the past few days and there is an increase in the number of cases coming out daily.

Iran's Deputy Health Minister Ali Raza Raisi said that the number of Corona virus patients in Iran had risen to 17,361 by March 18.

On the other hand, Friday marks the beginning of the Iranian New Year and the festival of Nowruz, raising concerns about the spread of the virus in large numbers.

The Iranian Deputy Minister of Health said at a press conference that the killings were highest in the middle of February this year, one day after Corona's first case was reported.

The dire situation will also have an impact on the Iranian festival of Nowruz as authorities have appealed to the public to refrain from traveling and being part of the crowd, although many are ignoring the warnings that the virus The chances of outbreaks are increasing.

Food shops in Tehran are still full of people, while traffic is still high due to the public's departure to other cities.


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