investigation report of a fire in the Tezgam Express

investigation report of a fire in the Tezgam Express

Posted on Nov 1, 2019

LAHORE: Railway police have completed a preliminary investigation report of a fire in the Tezgam Express in Rahim Yar Khan, forensic sources say. The accident occurred due to a cylinder explosion in the train.

According to details, a case has been registered against unknown persons in the case of the train guard Mohammad Saeed. given.

DG Franzik Agency says police and forensic experts have collected the cylinder pieces and set up the forensic laboratory. The forensic teams are still working on the scene.

Dr. Ashraf Tahir said that the forensic experts of Bahawalpur Multan are collecting evidence. According to reports, 65 bodies are unidentified.

The DG said that the chances of the fire being reduced by the train were low, but nothing can be said in this regard. It will take time to get the final report of the tragedy.

Conflicting statements

Meanwhile, the capacity of the railway administration has been questioned. Travelers are also making conflicting statements. An injured passenger said that while the fire was burning in the fast-track Express, Tea was making a tea that the flames ignited. Some travelers say the fire was in the AC compartment, while footage shows that the fire first took place in the Economy class, and AC Boogie was the correct safety.

Missing family, protesting travelers

A family from Karachi to Rawalpindi could not be ascertained yet. Rihanna, Amjad, Zulfiqar, 7-year-old Justin left yesterday. Reportedly, the person who picked up Amjad's phone did not speak to Amjad, no help or information was being provided at the Kent station.

Meanwhile, the affected passengers of Tejgam tragedy have started protesting in Multan. Caused by the circuit.

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