Investigation into the cause of gas leakage underway in Karachi

Investigation into the cause of gas leakage underway in Karachi

In Karachi, seven persons have been killed and several others were affected due to gas leakage in Kemari area.

The provincial government also came into action on the aforementioned incident and ordered the evacuation of residents from the affected areas.

In this regard, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah presided over an emergency meeting at the CM's House after visiting the affected areas and ordered an evacuation of the residents.

Chief Minister Sindh regretted that unfortunately the smell of poisonous gas is not diminishing and people are still suffering from it.

According to a statement issued by the meeting, the Chief Minister said that 'the smell is spreading with the change of direction of the air', adding that the wedding halls at the safe places should be used for the accommodation of the victims. ۔

In addition, Prime Minister Imran Khan regretted the loss of precious lives in the incident.
On the other hand, media reports said that the Sindh cabinet adjourned the meeting of Sindh cabinet today (Tuesday) to give all the attention to the issue, which will be held on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, police sought the help of Karachi and other fields experts in clearing the affected areas and the climate, while the chairman of the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) said that the Pakistan Navy was also investigating the matter. And one of its team has collected samples from the affected areas.

Earlier in the evening, Jackson police in the state prosecuted sanctions against unidentified persons in section 284 (poisoning of toxic materials), section 321 (manslaughter) and section 337j (poisoning with poisonous material).

Rescue and police sources said the incident resulted in the death of seven people, including three women.

However, authorities are still unaware of the exact reasons for the matter, Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon told, "We have not yet identified the probable cause of the incident".

He said senior police officers were assisting doctors to determine the true nature of the incident, to create a team comprising district police, port security forces, health and district administration to reach the root cause of the problem. Are given.

In this connection, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sharjeel Kharl told the media after visiting the affected areas that West Wharf was being checked to find out where the gas emissions occurred.

He added that the capsule-shaped containers were being specifically checked as people in the area had told investigators that they had seen such containers standing there.



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