Instruction to Pakistani mission staff in the UK to Quarantine himself

Instruction to Pakistani mission staff in the UK to Quarantine himself

London: Britain's National Health Services (NHS) instructs a member of the Pakistani High Commission to automatically quarantine symptoms of a cold.

At a Pakistani mission, Press Attashi Munir Ahmed told that a member had approached the NHS for concerns over symptoms such as colds and coughs.

It is thought that 456 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK and further cases are feared.

"NHS doctors have not tested the coronavirus because their symptoms were not severe and have suggested staff members quarantine themselves as a precautionary measure," said Munir Ahmed.

He added that staff members were in Quarantina in the house, which caused the consular section of the Pakistani mission to close on Thursday to sterilize it.

According to data from UK government health officials, the Coronavirus has killed six people so far.

In addition, the National Health Services has directed the public not to go to the hospital, pharmacy and minor surgery if found to be suffering from colds.

Authorities have asked people with symptoms such as corona to fill out a questionnaire online, citing symptoms.

In the above tests, people are asked for their travel information, their symptoms and if they have not been contacted by someone who has been confirmed with the coronavirus.

The National Health Services has strictly directed that anyone with a high fever or persistent cough should stay at home for seven days.

Use the NHS 11 online service if symptoms do not go away at home or the condition worsens within 7 days and there are no signs of improvement, the NHS added.

Those with very poor health and cannot use the online service have been instructed to call the helpline.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johns has once again urged people to use the Internet for information rather than to call 111 and, if they find even the slightest symptoms, then stay in quarantine.

He urged older people not to sail the ship and said "many more families are about to lose their loved ones"


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