Instead of Hanging 'Rape' Accused, Their Limbs Should Be Amputated, Says Bushra Ansari

Instead of Hanging 'Rape' Accused, Their Limbs Should Be Amputated, Says Bushra Ansari

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

A few days ago, a woman was waiting for help on the motorway in Punjab province at night. In front of the children, two accused were gang-raped and demanded exemplary punishment for the accused, including expressing grief and anger across the country. Although most people are demanding the public execution of the accused, many believe that execution is an easy punishment, such beasts should be given exemplary punishment.

Some political, social and showbiz personalities have also opposed the public execution of the accused and such showbiz personalities include senior actress Bushra Ansari, who believes that execution is a minor punishment. Bushra Ansari, in his Instagram post regarding the increasing incidents of rape of children and women in the country, demanded that the rape accused be punished so severely that they continue to suffer for the rest of their lives.

In his post, Bushra Ansari explained that hanging is a minor punishment and the limbs of the rapists should be amputated, including the hands and feet from which they torment the souls of children and women.

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Thinking wat to ask n what to think..just want the rapist to be alive..not to be hanged..they should live the rest of their lives , with the pain n helplessness with broken legs broken arms and with out the organs which destroy women and their souls..They should be alive to witness the hatred and pain of dying everyday like the rape victims and acid burnet those parents who die every nite n every day..after their innocent boys n baby girls are brutal death..I demand and strongly demand to.cut and throw their sickness tools ...and make them.impotent..n break their legs n hands so that they just become a symbol for all others who are going to do this today tomorrow or day after.Because they will keep doing this until they don't see these results.PHANSI IS JUST A FEW MINUTES PUNISHMENT.BUT THEY SHUOLD BE A REAL "IBRAT" KA NISHAN..BUSSS BIHAT HOGAYA...BUSSSSSSS...Islam ki boat karty hain to practical banain.aankh k badly ankh.. to izzat or zillat k badly maulana Tariq Jameel.koi dharna koi ehtejaj ap bhi to Karen...ap ki yahan bohat zuroorat hay..boliayyyyy...please..

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The actress wrote that the body parts of the rape accused should be amputated and they should be forced to live a compassionate and painful life so that as long as they live, they can live a tormented life like rape victims and face torment at all times. He demanded that the rapists be given such an exemplary punishment that the rest of the accused would learn a lesson from them.

According to Bushra Ansari, women and children and their parents suffer from the crimes of the accused all their lives, so those who commit such heinous acts should be punished in such a way that they live and die every moment. At the same time, referring to the religion of Islam, he wrote that the formula of the eye for eye and honor for honor should be adopted.

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In his post, Bushra Ansari, while addressing the religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel, wrote that the country and the nation need to be with him in the rape incidents, he should come forward and sit on the issue and raise his voice. It may be recalled that the motorway gang rape incident took place on the outskirts of Lahore between Tuesday and Wednesday night on September 10.

The two suspects fled after gang-raping a French national in front of their children and looting their ATM cards. Protests erupted in the country after the incident and several key figures on social media also demanded the incompetence of the government and the immediate arrest of the culprits.

Two days ago, the Punjab government had claimed to have identified the two accused after DNA tests and on September 13, the accused Waqar, who was identified by the Punjab government, had arrested him and denied the allegations of the provincial government.

In addition to pressuring the government to arrest the culprits and bring them to justice, there is still a strong outcry from political and social figures across the country over the incident. At the same time, the government and politicians are being asked to reform the law in order to bring severe punishment to the perpetrators of rape.


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