Initiated action to prevent Netflix password sharing

Initiated action to prevent Netflix password sharing

If you share your account on streaming service Netflix with friends outside the home, it is best not to do so, otherwise, you may have to pay extra fees. Yes, Netflix has announced that it will take action against people sharing passwords with their friends or loved ones (who do not live in their homes). Such people will have to pay an extra fee for password sharing.

Netflix said in a blog post that these plans are very popular but it creates some confusion as to when and how Netflix can be shared. According to the company, this results in accounts being shared between households, which affects our ability to invest in the best new TV shows and movies. Netflix is ​​currently testing the new strategy in three countries: Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. There will be a feature to transfer viewing profiles to new accounts and an additional fee of up to 3 dollars will be charged for additional viewers. This is not the first time that Netflix has taken steps against account sharing of passwords.

In 2021, the company conducted a similar experiment with an account verification tool to prevent unauthorized users from accessing other people's accounts. But now the extra member and transfer profile features indicate that the company is taking this issue more seriously in order to increase the number of its subscribers. That means now you know that the company's action on password sharing is coming soon but before that, you can share the password with friends.



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