Infants children recognize the embrace of their parents

Infants children recognize the embrace of their parents

In the first year of life, the baby grows rapidly emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Although he cannot speak, he is in a relationship with his parents. Sechin Yoshida, a professor at Toho University in Japan, has presented his research on how children psychologically and physically feel embraced and embraced.

According to experts, although it is common to hold a baby in our arms, we knew very little about it. As soon as a four-month-old baby is hugged, he feels very calm, while feeding does not cause this change. Although the process of hugging a baby is to stop it, on the other hand, we also embrace it to feed it.

But holding the baby to the chest increases the pressure on his spine but the baby is happy with it instead of being upset and it has a positive effect on his heartbeat.

In this regard, the experts performed experiments of lifting the baby for 20 seconds, holding it to the chest and squeezing it harder, during which the baby's heartbeat was noted by the RRI method. The baby's mother and father also took part in the test.

It turned out that as soon as the child was hugged by the parents, his heart became a little calmer and he was feeling relaxed. But if someone other than the parents hugged them, it didn't make any difference to the child. This shows that the embrace of mother and father has the best effect on the health of the child. It also had a positive effect on the parents themselves.

After many interesting findings from this research, it has also come to light that there are many benefits of hugging or hugging infants.



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