Indian Twitter Users Consider Ahad Raza Mir to Be a Real Military Officer

Indian Twitter Users Consider Ahad Raza Mir to Be a Real Military Officer

Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Pakistani dramas based on the Pakistan Army are so popular that people have not forgotten them to date and the actors who play the role of military officers in the dramas are considered as real military officers.

A similar mistake was made by Indian Twitter users and they also considered young actor Ahad Raza Mir as a real military officer.

On November 13, Indian users shared a picture of Ahad Raza Mir in last year's popular military drama Ehe-e-Wafa on Twitter, claiming that he was a real officer in the Pakistani army.

Sharing photos of Ahad Raza Mir's military dress, Indian social media users wrote him as Pakistan Army Captain Sabir Khan and claimed that the Indian Army martyred the Pakistani Army Captain by provoking him in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir.

First, a Twitter user named Vikrant Singh shared a photo of Ahad Raza Mir's play and called him the captain of the Pakistan Army.

After the tweet by Vikrant Singh, although some Indian users also shared the above photo of Ahad Raza Mir while tweeting, but then Pakistani users told him the truth that in fact, he is a dramatic character.

At the same time, Pakistani Twitter users reminded Indian users that their army is only brave in movies and dramas, in fact, it can do nothing.

Some users shared photos of actors playing the roles of Indian soldiers in Bollywood films and replied to the Indians that four Indian captains were also killed in the firing.

One user wrote in a humorous reply to Indian users that after the martyrdom of Captain Sabir, we have sent Captain Gulzar from Basti Malik to avenge Shaheed Sabir Khan.

However, many Pakistani users also made funny tweets on the tweets of Indian users and shared photos of Ahad Raza Mir with other women including Sajjal Ali, and wrote that yes, now the Pakistani army captain who was martyred by the firing of the Indian army is in heaven.

It may be recalled that the Indian Army had provoked on November 13 in the Neelum Valley area of ​​Azad Kashmir.

Regarding the Indian provocation, the Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) statement said that the Indian Army had raided Neelum Valley (Nikron, Kail, Sharda, Dudhniyal, Shahkot, Jora, Nosri Sectors), Lipa Valley. (Dana, Mandal, and Kayani sectors) including Jhelum Valley (Chham and Pandu sectors) and Valley Valley (Parkanthi, Sankh, Haji Pir, Bedori, and Keller sectors).

The statement said that in this unprovoked firing and shelling, the Indian Army did not confine itself to the posts of the Pakistan Army and also targeted the civilian population in defiance of all international obligations and human rights.

Four people were martyred and 12 were injured in the provocation by the Indian Army, after which the local authorities reported another increase in the death toll.

The Pakistan Army also responded to the Indian provocation and effectively targeted Indian posts targeting innocent civilians, causing heavy loss of life and property to the Indian Army, which was also acknowledged by the Indian media.


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