Indian troops kill 9 Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir

Indian troops kill 9 Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir

In two incidents in occupied Kashmir, clashes resulted in the deaths of nine Kashmiris and three Indian soldiers.

It is to be noted that since the special status of occupied Kashmir was abolished on August 5 last year, there has been a permanent lockdown in the disputed valley and it has been further intensified by the Corona virus.

Indian Army Spokesman Colonel Rajesh Kalia alleged that five armed men were killed Sunday morning in the North Kern area near the Line of Control.

Three soldiers were killed and several injured in the clashes, he said in the statement.

Col. Rajesh Kalia did not provide the casualties and said that the injured were undergoing treatment, but no independent sources have confirmed the incident.

It is to be remembered that the incident took place 24 hours before another clash in South Kulgam area killed 4 people.

Police said all the victims were armed and were from the local area.

Since 1989, a number of Kashmiri organizations have been struggling to become part of Pakistan's independence and Pakistan in occupied India, where India has always accused Pakistan of supplying arms to Kashmiris, which Pakistan has always denied. ۔



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