Indian Minister's unique logic: 'Touching a cow eliminates negative thinking'

Indian Minister's unique logic: 'Touching a cow eliminates negative thinking'

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the newly elected Congress minister, Yashomati Thakur, declared the cow as sacred and the solution to all negative thinking compared to all other animals.

It may be recalled that a few months ago, the nominee Minister Yashomati Thakur had received strong criticism over the controversial statement.

He said that 'the elected ministers of the state government have not yet started making money'.

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According to the Times of India report, after this wonderful statement of the Minister of Women and Child Development, he had to make a statement in favour of his position on several fronts.

"Our culture says that if you touch a cow, all negative thoughts will disappear," said Thakur.

"Cows are sacred animals and whether they are cows or any other animal, touching them gives us love," he said.

Later on his statement about the cow, he told critics that 'what I said was wrong'.

It should be noted that earlier in the Indian state of Bengal, the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Dilip Ghosh had made a unique claim that 'Indian cow's milk contains gold'.

Speaking to BJP workers and the media during an event, Dilip Ghosh made the statement that cow's milk in India is yellow instead of white because it contains gold.



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