Indian Beauty Star Die During Plastic Surgery

Indian Beauty Star Die During Plastic Surgery

21-year-old Chetna Raj, a successful actress in India's southwestern film industry 'Sandalwood', died due to complications during plastic surgery in an attempt to beautify her body. Chetna Raj was a popular actress in the Kannada film industry and has been gaining weight for some time now, which has made her hesitant about her career.

The Kunar film industry is the industry of the southwestern state of Karnataka, also known as 'Sandalwood'. The said film industry is the tucker industry of the South Indian film industry in which Tamil and Telugu language films are prominent.

Many actresses and actors from the Kannada film industry also became part of Bollywood and Chetna Raj, who suffered from complications during plastic surgery, was also interested in working in Hindi films.

According to India Today, Chetna Raj died on May 16 due to complications due to being overweight during plastic surgery. According to the report, Chetna Raj underwent fat removal surgery at a private plastic surgery clinic in Bangalore without informing her parents.

According to the report, facilities were not available in the clinic that performed the surgery on Chetna Raj and the doctors who performed the surgery on the actress were not very skilled, due to which severe complications came to light during her operation.

The report said that during the surgery, the actress' lungs became waterlogged, due to which her health deteriorated further and the doctors who performed her plastic surgery shifted her to another hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to the doctors at the hospital where the actress Chetna Raj was shifted, the actress died during the plastic surgery, however, the plastic surgeons shifted her to another hospital to save herself.

The death of Chetna Raj at an early age has shocked the film industry and especially the actresses, while her fans have also demanded strict legal action against the plastic surgeons.


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