India: Trump again offers mediation on Kashmir issue

India: Trump again offers mediation on Kashmir issue

US President Donald Trump once again offered mediation on Kashmir on the last day of his visit to India.

During a press conference in New Delhi, Donald Trump said that Kashmir has been a big problem for many people for a long time.

"I am ready to mediate the issue on Kashmir," he said.

The US President said, "Kashmir has been a problem for the people for a long time, every issue has two sides. We have discussed the issue of terrorism in detail".

Responding to a question related to terrorism in Pakistan, he said, "We talked about it in detail, there is no opinion that it is a problem, Pakistan is working on it".

Donald Trump has, on several occasions, offered to mediate the Kashmir issue between the two countries.

He reiterated this during a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at a World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in January this year.

India, however, rejected the offer of mediation once again, terming it as an internal matter.

In addition, India's foreign ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar had recently said that no third party would play any role in Kashmir because the issue is between India and Pakistan.

US President Donald Trump said, "I assured him of providing all possible help because I have good relations with Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi if I can mediate between them." You certainly will. '

According to foreign news agency AFP, there was no trade agreement between the US and India during Donald Trump's visit.

The visit of the US President was given extraordinary importance to India, but in the context of the trade agreement, no significant agreement was reached between the two countries.

However, during his first visit to Donald Trump, a deal to sell $ 3 billion worth of military equipment to India was successful.

Donald Trump said in a potential press conference on his visit to India, "America has a very good relationship with Pakistan".

"India is a brave country and both my leaders have good relations with the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Imran Khan," he added.

The US president said, "Modi owns a calm personality but he is very brave and has a strong stance on terrorism. We will deal with this issue".

It should be noted that Trump declined to comment on the controversial citizenship amendment law.

The US President had said that I would not comment on the issue, I leave the matter to India.

"I personally raised the issue of religious freedom with Modi," he said.

Donald Trump has said that 'Modi wants religious freedom'.

It is to be noted that during the visit of the President of the United States, thousands of people protested against the controversial citizenship law, during which clashes killed at least seven people and injured more than 150.


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