India should be included in countries violating religious freedom, US Commission

India should be included in countries violating religious freedom, US Commission

Posted on Apr 29, 2020

The US report says that "the worst and most dangerously deteriorating situation of religious freedom has occurred in India, the world's largest democracy."

The report was compiled by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and recommended that India be declared a "country of particular concern".

Ted Perkins, chairman of the commission, said: "We are looking at exemptions for violence against minorities by non-state actors.

The US government has said in a report that "with increasing attacks on religious minorities, the year 2019 saw a sharp decline in India's reputation."

Nadine Mainza, the organization's vice-chairman, said India had "tolerated serious violations of religious freedom".

The most shocking and disturbing move was the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act, which accelerated the process of citizenship for people of all six religions except Muslims.

He added that "once the government completes its national registration program, it could potentially endanger the detention, deportation, and deportation of millions of Muslims."

It should be noted that a 'country of special concern' is a status granted by the US Secretary of State under the US International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) 1998 to a country that has committed serious human rights violations. 

India faces charges of violence or cruelty, inhumane treatment, humiliation, and punishment, including prolonged detention without charge.

Further action is taken against countries that are granted this status, including economic sanctions by the United States unless the government grants them concessions in the "national interest" as granted to Pakistan.


The report criticized the Indian Citizenship Amendment Bill, laws banning cow slaughter and conversion, the Supreme Court's decision on the Babri Masjid, and measures to end the special status of occupied Kashmir.

Although the report described Pakistan as a country of particular concern, it also acknowledged various positive developments, including the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor for Sikhs, the establishment of the country's first Sikh university, and the reopening of the Hindu temple. Bibi's charges of blasphemy and blasphemy include some Supreme Court rulings.

"One of the things that are important to us about Pakistan is that the government is ready to negotiate to address the concerns of religious freedom," said USIRF Commissioner Sam Brownback.


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