India influences Canadian politicians with money and fake information, reports

India influences Canadian politicians with money and fake information, reports

Posted on Apr 20, 2020

The global television network, a Canadian broadcasting company, has revealed that India is secretly trying to influence Canadian politicians through money and fake news to support their interests in Canada.

A federal court action based on a highly sensitive government document obtained by Global News reveals that India's secret agencies, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), have been investigating Canadian politicians since 2009. Is conducting a covert operation to impress.

The report claims that Canadian intelligence officials suspect Indian agencies are using the chief editor of an unidentified Indian newspaper for this purpose.

It added that the editor's wife and children were Canadian citizens and that when he applied for citizenship in Canada, a secret security inquiry was launched against him.

The report said that the accused Indian citizen allegedly had met more than two dozen meetings with the authorities of New Delhi in the last 6 years.

Canadian officials told the Indian man that his responsibility was to convince Canadian politicians that funding from Canada was actually being used to support terrorists in Pakistan.

A letter was sent by the immigration authorities to the Indian person who wrote: "You said you have to persuade the Canadian government and its representatives for a specific purpose through the RAW."

The report was quoted as saying, "You said that RAW's guidance also included providing financial support and propaganda equipment to the politicians to influence them."

The report stated that he had been working for Indian intelligence to impress Canadian politicians, denying the allegations that he had met with editorial officials.

But according to documents obtained by Global News, the aforementioned Indian man admitted that he was described by Indian intelligence agencies as 'unofficial lobbyist or diplomat' for 'performing various official duties' even as he claimed that he refused to work for them


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