India Has Just Avenged Abhinandan by Making a Very Bad Remake of "Sayonee"

India Has Just Avenged Abhinandan by Making a Very Bad Remake of "Sayonee"

The Indian music company T-Series is facing strong criticism for making a very bad remake of the popular song 'Sayonee' sung in the 1990s by Pakistan's leading music band Junoon.

The most popular song of its time on the T-series has been criticized by the people of its own country for making it in a very bad way. The T-series released a video of the remake of 'Sayonee' two days ago, which has been viewed more than 2 million times so far, but it is being severely criticized.

The remake of the all-time popular song like 'Sayonee' has been sung by Indian singer Arjit Singh, who, like singer Neha Kakkar, is famous for copying and remaking popular songs of the past.

The remake of 'Sayonee' has been made a part of the Indian film of the same name which is a romantic thriller film. The remake of the song has been made by Joey Engine but the lyrics of the song have been kept the same as the old Pakistani songs. Although the T-series has given credit to Pakistani songs and the Janoon group in the release of the remake, non-Pakistanis as well as Indians are angry over the T-series.

On the remake of the song, several Pakistanis and Indians tweeted that they would not consider it wrong if there was a war between Pakistan and India over making a very bad remake of the song. One user wrote that by making a very bad remake of the best song of Pakistan, India has just taken revenge on Nandan.

An Indian user apologized to Pakistanis for the worst remake of 'Sayonee' and at the same time clarified that T-Series is an expert in trashing such rare songs and he also rejected 'Sayonee' very easily. Put in the basket. It is to be noted that before the remake of 'Sayonee' was made by T-Series, Cook Studios had also presented the said song in a new style in 2017.

'Sayonee' in Cook Studio 10 was sung by other singers including Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Noor, and Zoi Wakaji but it was also disliked. 'Sayonee' was initially released by Salman Ahmed and Ali Azmat with their musical group Junoon in the 1990s. The song was featured on the Madness Group's 'Freedom' album, which set new worldwide box office records.

Other songs from the same album by Janoon Group were also popular, which entertained music lovers for many years.



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