India does not treat us very well, Donald Trump

India does not treat us very well, Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump says the US and India are working on an important trade agreement, but he cannot say with certainty whether it will be completed before the presidential election in November.

Donald Trump will arrive in India on February 24 for his first official visit, where negotiators have been trying to reach a deal for several weeks that will allow the US access to India's dairy and poultry markets and reduce tariffs on other products. ۔

However, no major announcement has been made so far and the scheduled visit to US business representative Robert Lightiser has been cancelled, which shows difficulties in negotiations ahead of Donald's visit.

Donald Trump spoke to reporters outside Air Force One in Maryland, according to a US news agency AP report, "We can get a trade deal with India, but I'm saving this big deal later." ۔

"We are making a big trade agreement with India and we will get it, but I do not know if it will come before the elections," he said.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has tried to establish a personal relationship with Trump, is now preparing to host an event in his honour at a cricket stadium in Gujarat next week.

In view of the 'Hello Trump' roadshow in Ahmedabad, Donald Trump said, "India does not treat us well but I am very fond of Narendra Modi and he has told us that from the airport to the venue of the event, 70 million people. Together. '

India is the second-largest trading partner of the US after China, whose trade in goods and services was $ 1 trillion in 2018.

Last year, the United States traded $ 23.2 billion in goods, becoming its ninth-largest trading partner.


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