India demands China not to raise Kashmir issue in UN

India demands China not to raise Kashmir issue in UN

India has demanded from China that it should refrain from raising Kashmir at the UN Security Council meeting.

According to foreign news agency AP, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that New Delhi has emphasized Beijing, saying that occupied Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

It should be noted that India's current demand has come at a time when China has requested a review from the UN Security Council observer mission in occupied Kashmir.

"China should consider the global consensus on Kashmir issue and refrain from raising it in the United Nations," Ravish Kumar said.

Most countries of the 15-member council called on India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue together.

Later, the Chinese ambassador to the UN warned of further tensions in the conflict between Islamabad and New Delhi in the context of occupied Kashmir, hoping that the Security Council summit convened by Beijing would hold talks with both countries. Can help you find solutions.

Ravish Kumar said that India had raised Kashmir issue with China in the past.


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