In Turkey, protests against the government's proposed new law have begun

In Turkey, protests against the government's proposed new law have begun

In Turkey, protests against the government's proposed new law have begun, and human rights organizations, including opposition parties, have demanded the government to withdraw the proposed bill.

The Turkish government January 16 presented a proposed bill in parliament this month for discussion, under which a rapist for "girls" and "women" could be forgiven for marrying an affected woman.

This is the second time that the government has introduced a controversial bill before the same bill was introduced four years ago in 2016 against which mass protests have started.

The government withdrew the bill four years ago after intense protests against the proposed controversial bill, but now again the government has proposed a bill similar to the old one.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the government's proposed bill will be presented to the parliament once again for debate by the end of January, but protests have already begun before the bill is presented to parliament again.


Young girls present in protest against the proposed bill - Photo: The Independent
Opposition parties opposing the bill and organizations working for human rights and women's rights have called on the government to withdraw the bill.

According to individuals and organizations protesting the bill, Turkey will go back 70 years after the proposed bill becomes law.

Opponents of the bill say that now that stricter laws and penalties are being introduced against 'rap' people all over the world, the Turkish government plans to pardon those who 'sexually abuse children'.

Under the proposed bill, minors and rapists of underage girls could be forgiven on one condition and could avoid punishment.

Under the proposed bill, if the 'rap' person marries the victim, he will not be punished, but under the bill, the accused 'rap' will have to convince the affected woman or girl.

According to the proposed bill, if there is a difference of 10 to 15 years between the age of the rapist and the victim of the rap, this law will help the accused and if there is more difference between the ages of the two. Legal action will be taken in this regard.

Proposed bills found anger over people's proposal to waive off girls and women rapists on condition of marriage to affected women, and the women's rights organization, which calls the bill a child marriage.

According to social and human rights leaders, the proposed bill, where sexual violence against women and children will increase, will also include underage marriages and women will be forced to marry an abusive person who exploits them.

The government has not yet responded to protests against the proposed bill and protests by social organizations, and it is thought that the proposed bill will be presented to parliament for debate next week.

The bill will be approved after discussion in Parliament


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