In the National Assembly, Discussion of differences of PTI in Karachi

In the National Assembly, Discussion of  differences of PTI in Karachi

Islamabad: Where the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is busy celebrating its allies, the resonance of internal differences within the party was heard at the National Assembly meeting.

During the National Assembly session, three members of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) elected from Karachi protested against Federal Minister for Naval Affairs Ali Zaidi, belonging to Karachi.

Expressing anger over the Federal Minister's reaction to the notice of delay in construction of the 45-kilometre bridge connecting Karachi Port to Part-Qasim, the three lawmakers went to the Federal Minister's seat and protested. And threatened to walk out of the meeting.

Ali Zaidi expressed surprise at seeing the move to bring the matter to the Assembly, and later criticized them, saying that all three members sought help to get party tickets to contest the elections.

Differences in PTI have come at a time when the PTI has been circulating reports on the partition of Sindh and the ruling party is negotiating with the United National Movement, the Grand Democratic Alliance and the Seager allies.

Responding to the attention received by Fahim Khaen, Attaullah and Mohammad Akram Cheema, the federal minister remarked that "these members could talk to them on the matter in private and I would have satisfied them." They have brought this matter to Parliament so I would like to respond to it in the House. ”

The National Assembly expressed dissatisfaction with Ali Zaidi's response and Muhammad Akram Cheema asked the minister not to run the affairs on ad hoc basis, Speaker Assad Qaiser directed Ali Zaidi to contact the three members.


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