In Iran 92 killed by Corona virus, Further increase in virus victims

In Iran 92 killed by Corona virus, Further increase in virus victims

The Iranian government has confirmed the increase in deaths from the Coronavirus, saying that the number of victims has risen to 2,922 and that a total of 92 people have been killed.

According to a news agency AP report, Iran's Ministry of Health spokesman Kiyonosh Jahanpur reported the number of casualties in a press conference to reach 92 and also increase the number of victims.

After the increase in the number of victims in Iran, the number of victims in the region has risen to 3 thousand 140, while cases of other countries in the region have so far included those who frequently visit Iran.

Kiyonosh Jahanpur said that 'no one is on the virus to fly away but one of us transmits to another'.

According to the report, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani confessed at a cabinet meeting that all 31 provinces of Iran were affected by the virus.

They said that the virus had spread everywhere and had reached all the provinces of Iran.

The Iranian president said that "the virus has spread to almost all of our provinces and many countries have been affected by it globally and we will all have to deal with this issue as soon as possible".

It is understood that the first case of coronavirus was reported two weeks ago in Iran, after which the number of victims has been increasing steadily, leading to the suspension of competitions at major cultural centres and sports, including schools and universities across the country. ۔

Working hours in offices have also been reduced as security measures have been taken against the Coronavirus in Iran, and Iran's emergency services chief was confirmed to be affected yesterday.

It may be recalled that yesterday, a 72-year-old member of Iran's Supreme Leader's Advisory Council, Mohammad Mir Mohammadi, was also killed by a coronavirus.

Iran's deputy health minister was also infected with the Korna virus, who was hospitalized on a cough complaint and was tested during a press conference on February 25, shortly before the test came out.


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