In China, the Corona virus started to die but global problems continue to rise

In China, the Corona virus started to die but global problems continue to rise

Posted on Mar 12, 2020

While China has been largely controlled by the Novel Coronavirus, the outbreak of the universal epidemic is constantly affecting other countries in the world.

The global economy has been badly affected by the outbreak of the virus, and the demand for supply and other factors is causing a global market crisis.

At the same time, large companies appear to encourage their employees to work at home to prevent many people from getting together in one place.

The most dramatic and unexpected move in this regard came from the US, which has banned the arrival of all foreigners from European countries except its citizens.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, temporarily suspended the travel of citizens and residents, with flights to 12 countries, including Pakistan and the European Union.

Spectators ban cricket matches in India

The Indian government has ordered that the forthcoming international matches be played at an empty stadium.

It is clear that 73 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in India so far.

According to a Reuters report, India's Sports Secretary said that we want the next matches of the national cricket team to be played at the empty stadium, which is a surprise to the nation that is obsessed with cricket.

He said that in the 2 states where the Indian cricket team is to play with South Africa this month, their chief minister has been instructed to refrain from the public gathering, so matches will be played without spectators.


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