Imtiaz Shaikh Heading the criminals accused of SSP Shikarpur

Imtiaz Shaikh Heading the  criminals accused of SSP Shikarpur

Shikarpur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Muhammad Rizwan Ahmed Khan has directed Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leader and Minister of Energy Sindh Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh to patronize criminals and gain them political and financial interests.

The report of SSP Shikarpur comes a day after the Sindh government's decision to remove IG Dr Kaleem Imam from the province for 'solid reasons'.

On December 6, the Sindh government also tried to hand over the services of SSP Dr Rizwan to the Establishment Division.

Dr. Rizwan had approached the Sindh High Court against the decision of the provincial government and the high court had suspended his transfer notice.

Dr. Rizwan also took the matter to the newly formed Provincial Public Safety and Police Complaints Commission and said that his services in Sindh were being withdrawn without any prior notice, complaint or inquiry.

At that time, the provincial inspector general wrote to Chief Secretary Sindh complaining that he had not been notified in advance of the decision and expressed concern that such measures were 'discouraging the police'.

Dr. Rizwan is the investigating officer of the Naqibullah Mehsud murder case and also a member of the Joint Investigation Team (GIT) investigating the case. The case is pending in the Anti-Terrorism Court where he is representing the state.


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