Imran Khan says India will be torn apart Due to extremist fascist ideology

Imran Khan says India will be torn apart Due to extremist fascist ideology

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India is on the verge of destruction and if India remains on the path of fascism and extremist Hindutva, it will be divided and broken forever.

Addressing the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies in Malaysia, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, "I have seen Malaysia changing and progressing in my life and what I find to be the best thing about Malaysia is that it is a highly civilized society. Because there is harmony between religions and linguistic groups, which is one of the greatest symbols of a civilized society.

"We should look at the golden age of Islam where all the different religions lived together where there was tolerance and people accepted each other, religion was never forcibly imposed while in Malaysia the way people are," he said. If we live we see the same thing and I think we should adopt it.

Imran Khan said that I had to come here to attend the Kuala Lumpur Summit in December so that we could highlight the issue of Islamophobia globally.

'Islam and terrorist acts have nothing to do with'

Talking about the spread of Islamophobia on this occasion, he said that on the occasion of the first Iranian revolution, there was fear in the Western world that the entire Islamic world would come under the influence of this revolution. It was when the Western world feared Islam.

He said that the world felt the threat of Islamophobia for the second time in 1989 when Salman Rushdie wrote a humiliating book, the reaction from Muslim countries against this book could not be understood by the Western world because they needed to understand it. That is why Muslims are responding so desperately to the humiliation of their Prophet.

Imran Khan described Islamophobia as the biggest failure of Muslim countries and their leadership after the Salman Rushdie incident, saying that Muslim leaders should explain to the world why this thing is so important to us and why It should be understood that the Prophet (peace be upon him) lives in our hearts and we love him very much.

He said that religion is not practised the way we do in Western countries, especially in Europe, because they do comedy shows about their own people, while I was shocked to see it in England, so we should have been explained why we were so hurt by the humiliation of the Prophet.

Continuing the talk, he said that after that the impression was made in the West that Islam was a religion of intolerance, it was against Western values, after which Islamophobia increased.

He said that the third occasion was 9/11 (ie September 11, 2001), in which 15 to 16 terrorists committed a criminal conspiracy and the most devastating thing for the Muslim world was when Western leaders called it Islamic terrorism. We should have objected because their terrorism had nothing to do with Islam.

He said that Islam and the acts of terrorism have nothing to do with it and unfortunately the Muslim world has also started using the terms used by the West, 'progressive Islam' and 'conservative Islam'. The biggest tragedy was for the Muslim world, after which the Western world started to consider every Muslim a terrorist and Islamophobia increased.

Imran Khan said that the leaders of the Muslim world did not object to terrorism and religion, which led to suicide attacks also linked to Islam, although historical evidence often refutes this.

During the conversation, he said that in the Second World War, Japanese pilots carried out suicide attacks but no one blamed their religion. Not blamed, however, because Islam and terrorism were interlinked, we see many examples of violence and derogation of Muslims in Western countries.


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