Imran Khan says 2020 will be a year of development and prosperity

Imran Khan says 2020 will be a year of development and prosperity

Posted on Jan 2, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the people faced problems in 2019, but the nations do not end up in the test, but they emerge from the strong, while 2020 will be a year of development and prosperity.

Addressing the function of the foundation stone of the new campus of Air University in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that promotion of standards is significant in the field of higher education. In this regard, the curriculum needs to be aligned with modern needs.

He said that modern technology is developing at a rapid pace which has also accelerated the process of change. Technology educators must take advantage of this revolution.

He said that the Higher Education Commission carries a heavy responsibility in this regard. We have to work beyond the tradition to focus on education despite difficult circumstances and lack of resources.

Prime Minister laying the foundation stone of a new university campus - Photo: PID
The Prime Minister said that the countries face financial difficulties, but the test does not erase the nations but emerges stronger. Our country has many natural resources and opportunities. Our people are very talented, which is proof of work abroad. There are Pakistanis who are progressing rapidly in the excellent system. We have to fix the system in our country and promote merit.

"One of the reasons that things are not good today is the lack of focus on education, the quality of education was so good in our country in the 60's that people from abroad came to study in our institutions," he said.

He said that in Islam, too, there was a great emphasis on the pursuit of education. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that the pursuit of knowledge is a sacred duty. In time, too, the importance of education was emphasized, based on which the Muslims had dominated the field of science for many centuries.

Imran Khan said that my vision is to take Pakistan forward based on the state of Madinah. The rulers of the past made the idea of ​​making the country an Asian Tiger, reflecting a limited vision. The big thinking is based on the welfare of humanity. Just as the protection of the poor, widows and orphans was set in the welfare state of Madinah, in Madinah, the law was equal for all and education was a priority.

He said that 2019 was a challenging year, foreign exchange reserves were low, the pressure on the Pakistani rupee was high, and during this period the people had to go through difficult times. Still, our government has brought economic stability to the country and 2020 development and prosperity. Will be the year of

He said that the country would go up during the New Year, which is because every sector of Pakistan has immense resources, capacities and opportunities, focusing on areas like mineral reserves, fertile land and tourism. On the path of development.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is being considered as an attractive destination for tourism. It will take full advantage of the capabilities and opportunities available in the sector, as well as focus on the construction sector as it has 40 more with the housing sector. There are industries that can grow.

He said that special attention is being paid to the welfare of the weaker sections of the country. Items will be provided at discounted rates at utility stores; justice cards will be provided for the convenience of the poor people of the country. By the end of this year, the facility has reached every deserving one, and anchors are being opened in the slums, while shelters for the homeless and poor workers and workers.

He said that our vision is the establishment of a welfare state; significant progress will be made in the new year.




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