Imran Khan hinted at the Revival of the Students Union

Imran Khan hinted at the Revival of the Students Union

Posted on Dec 2, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted at the revival of the Students' Union in the universities after students protested across the country.

While tweeting on the social networking site, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, "The universities produce the leadership of the future and the student unions are an integral part of this process, but unfortunately in the universities of Pakistan, the student unions have become a groundbreaker. And the atmosphere in the universe was completely destroyed. "

He said, "We will develop a comprehensive and workable code of conduct, utilizing the best system in the world's leading universities so that we can advance the leadership of the student unions and give them future leadership." Be able to play a positive role in the process. '
It should be noted that on November 29, the Student Action Committee (SAC), led by the Student Action Committee (SAC), organized a Student Solidarity march across the country to present a charter of demands, including restoration of the student union. People from around the world attended.
In some parts of the country, the march started in the morning, while in other cities it was early afternoon.

Civil society members Mohammad Haneef, Jabran Nasir, and others participated in the solidarity march from Regal Chowk President to Karachi Press Club in Karachi.

Students in Lahore gathered at Nasir Bagh to participate in the solidarity march and from there marched towards the Punjab Assembly.

Demonstrators gathered at D Chowk in Islamabad and demanded parliament's immediate restoration of student organizations.

In addition, students and civil society members in Peshawar staged a protest rally from the Peshawar Press Club and the participants were dispersed peacefully at the provincial assembly.

A protest rally was organized in Quetta organized by the Student Action Committee against the ban on political activities of student organizations in various universities including Balochistan University.

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