Imran Khan dismisses criticism of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (C-PEC) as "foolish"

Imran Khan dismisses criticism of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (C-PEC) as "foolish"

Posted on Jan 24, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan dismisses criticism of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (C-PEC) as "foolish".

At the same time, he emphasized that the project was "really helping" the country.

In an interview to CNBC, an American broadcaster, Imran Khan emphasized that the US President and the UN should play a role in mediation between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue.

During the interview when host Headley Gamble was asked that this project (C-PEC) is a debt trap for Pakistan? So Imran Khan replied that when the Chinese came to help us with this Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and C-PEC, we were really under stones.

"So we are very grateful to the Chinese that they came and rescued us," he said.

The Prime Minister rejected the suggestion that the C-PEC was a debt trap, saying it was a "foolish thing", adding that he came and pumped us, not only did he lend us (but) Debt is barely 5 or 6% of the total portfolio '.

He added that the Chinese actually helped Pakistan with investment and hence the country now has the opportunity to attract foreign investment (towards it).

Imran Khan explained that his government is now creating special economic zones to attract investment.

The Prime Minister said, "We have just opened 2 zones and we are opening more where special incentives are being provided for the industries".

The Prime Minister of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor further said that SeaPeak is separate from the 'BRI, because China is also helping Pakistan in technology transfer, it is helping agriculture especially because of (Chinese sector) technology. Can promote (because) it is much better than Pakistan while our productivity is quite low. '

He said that what needs to be taken advantage of with the C-PEC projects is talent and this project is also providing skills to the Pakistanis, “It is establishing skilled centres in Pakistan that are providing us support which we are very grateful for. '.

It is understood that the United States has also been accused of China expressing concerns over C-PEC in the past, but the recent case came after the statement of US senior Ambassador Alice Wells.

Speaking at a Think Tank event last week, Alice Wells asked Islamabad to review the decision to join SeaPeak and criticized China's One Beloved One Road Initiative project.

He alleged that there was no transparency in C-PEC projects, Pakistan's debt was rising due to China's financing.

Although Chinese and Pakistani officials dismissed the American criticism as misleading, the Prime Minister's statement would further strengthen Islamabad's commitment to the pack.


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