I'm Not a 'Woman', I'm actually a 'Transgender', Confessed the Hollywood Actress Elliot Page

I'm Not a 'Woman', I'm actually a 'Transgender', Confessed the Hollywood Actress Elliot Page

Elliot Page, a 33-year-old Canadian-American actress who has acted as a woman in several films, web series and dramas, has revealed that she is not a 'woman' but a 'transgender'.

Elliot Page made her acting debut on Canadian TV channel CBC in 1997 and has been seen working as a woman since her early days. Elliot Page rose to fame when she played a 14-year-old girl in the 2005 American thriller Hard Candy, who was brutally sexually assaulted by a man. Elliot Page later starred in the 2007 comedy-romantic film Juno as a teenage girl who becomes pregnant against her will.

In the same film, he played the lead role of Juno and for his outstanding performance, he was also nominated for an Oscar, while for the same film, he was also nominated for other major film awards. Later, Elliot Page appeared in other films, including "Inception, Super, X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "The Cured".

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 Elliot Page has acted in a total of about 4 dozen films, web series, and dramas, while also trying his luck in directing. She has been known as a powerful woman, but on December 1, she revealed in her social media posts that she is not a 'woman' but a 'transgender'. According to the Associated Press (AP), Elliot Page admitted in his post that he was proud to be transgender.

Elliot Page also announced in the post that he would change his name to Elliott instead of Elliot. She also mentioned the difficulties he faced and said that he was happy that he finally confessed his sexuality in front of everyone. She also reiterated her commitment to continuing working for the rights of transgender people.

After being declared a transgender person by Elliot Page, many film personalities congratulated him and expressed good wishes for him.


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