If the West Bank is integrated into Israel, the agreement will be terminated, says Palestinian President

If the West Bank is integrated into Israel, the agreement will be terminated, says Palestinian President

Posted on Apr 24, 2020

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened that if the occupied West Bank is annexed to Israel, the agreement reached between the Palestinian Authority and Israel and the United States will be considered completely canceled.

"We have informed the relevant international parties, including the United States and the Israeli government, that we will not stand idly by if Israel tries to annex any part of our land," he told Palestinian TV.

It should be noted that the Palestinian president has warned on several occasions that if he tries to go beyond the so-called "agreement of the century", the Palestinian Authority may cancel the current agreement.

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US President Donald Trump came up with a plan of his own in January to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine, in which Muslim countries around the world, including Palestine, expressed concerns over a number of controversial provisions.

The proposed plan recognizes the decades-old demands of the Israeli people and proposes to give Palestine power with limited powers.

However, the most contentious issue was declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, as well as allowing the occupied West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley to be annexed to Israel.

Palestinian groups have vehemently rejected the joint US-Israeli plan, calling it a robbery of their rights and calling for a unified strategy against the Israeli occupation.

It should be noted that the peace talks between Israel and Palestine ended in 2014, while Palestine rejected the peace plan before it was presented by Trump.

Palestine and the international community have declared Israeli settlements illegal under the 1949 Geneva Convention, which deals with land seized during the war, while Israel has Jerusalem as its capital.

However, despite all the objections and protests of the Palestinian Authority, on December 6, 2017, the US President announced the recognition of Occupied Jerusalem (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel and issued instructions to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. ۔

Palestine has rejected the Trump administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has been supported by other countries around the world.


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