Humorous Dialogue About Eunuchs, Demand for Action Against Movie 'Dum Mustam'

Humorous Dialogue About Eunuchs, Demand for Action Against Movie 'Dum Mustam'

Posted on Apr 27, 2022

Lahore High Court issues notice to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Ministry of Human Rights and Minority Affairs Is. According to repoter, Zanaya Chaudhry, a transgender rights activist, filed a petition through Barrister Ahmed Pansota in which the court was asked to provide the respondents with a violation of existing laws that guarantee the basic rights of eunuchs. Instruct to take action.

During the hearing, the lawyer told the court that a Karachi-based private film production and distribution company had recently aired a trailer for its upcoming film 'Dum Mustam'. The lawyer said that the film violates civil rights, especially the rights of eunuchs because it uses the word "measles" for the eunuch community, which is an insulting term. The lawyer said the case was about the right to life, liberty and dignity and that it was the defendant's responsibility to uphold the constitutionally guaranteed rights.

He said that this specific dialogue of the film is a serious violation of fundamental rights under Articles 4, 9, 14 and 25A of the Constitution. He argued that in the eyes of the law all citizens are equal and are entitled to equal protection of the law, the constitution does not discriminate on the basis of gender. He asked the court to direct the respondents to take action against the violators of the law and also directed to ban all such programs which use the word 'measles' and ridicule the eunuch community. And no one should be allowed to make fun of the eunuch person/class in any way. After hearing the preliminary arguments of the lawyer, Justice Shahid Waheed sought a reply from the parties within 15 days.


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