H.S.Y: Every Actor in Pakistan Has Had Plastic Surgery

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H.S.Y: Every Actor in Pakistan Has Had Plastic Surgery

In a revealing conversation on Ahmad Ali Butt‘s podcast, renowned fashion designer and actor Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, popularly known as H.S.Y, discussed a range of topics, including his career and the prevalence of plastic surgery among Pakistani showbiz and fashion personalities.

A clip from the podcast featuring H.S.Y’s comments has gone viral. In it, he claims that plastic surgery is widespread in the industry, suggesting that almost every showbiz personality in Pakistan has undergone some form of cosmetic enhancement. Everyone has done their nose, chin, eyebrows, and fillers, he stated, adding humorously that visits to Turkey or Dubai often result in noticeable changes in appearance, which are cheekily attributed to the local weather.

H.S.Y's Comments on Plastic Surgery

H.S.Y also touched upon the impact of social media on beauty standards, noting the pressure even moderately popular figures feel to maintain a certain image, given their access to luxury items and lifestyles. However, he emphasized that true beauty originates from within and cautioned against equating surgical enhancements with genuine attractiveness.

The designer praised the natural beauty of actresses like Mehwish Hayat, whom he called genuinely beautiful, and Ayesha Omar, whose appearance he described as perfect in size and beauty. According to H.S.Y, the effect of widespread plastic surgery is a homogenization of appearances in the industry, especially among male actors, whom he described as looking like chocolate heroes, all sporting similar hairstyles and facial features.


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This isn’t the first time a spotlight has been cast on cosmetic surgeries within the entertainment industry. Previous statements from various personalities have acknowledged that such procedures are not uncommon, with some openly admitting to undergoing cosmetic enhancements.

Hasan Sheheryar Yasin’s candid observations offer a window into the pressures and transformations within Pakistan’s fashion and showbiz sectors. They reflect broader global trends, where aesthetic enhancement often parallels career advancements in high-visibility professions.


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