Hong Kong: corona virus confirmed In dog medical tests

Hong Kong: corona virus confirmed In dog medical tests

A dog medical test in Hong Kong confirmed the coronavirus, which was then transferred to quarantine for animals.

According to the news agency AFP, authorities confirmed the coronavirus in the dog and said it was rare that the disease could be transmitted from human to animal.

In addition, the 60-year-old dog owner was also infected with the Coronavirus.

Hong Kong authorities say after the dog's medical tests that the dog 'corona virus is relatively weak'.

Authorities, however, quarantined the affected dog at the animal centre.

In this regard, the relevant authorities of the World Institute of Animals and other university experts unanimously agreed that 'the corona virus could potentially be transmitted from man to animal'.

Additionally, the Hong Kong administration said the virus does not pose a death threat to the dog.

Earlier last week, all pets infected with the Corona virus in Hong Kong were kept in quarantine for 14 days, with two dogs already in quarantine.

In this regard, officials said they would be returned to their owners after the negative results of the Corona virus in pet medical tests.



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