Homosexual supporter, ambassador appointed director of US intelligence

Homosexual supporter, ambassador appointed director of US intelligence

Posted on Feb 21, 2020

US President Donald Trump appointed current ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell as Director of National Intelligence.

According to foreign news agency AFP, Donald Trump's latest move has been widely criticized because it is being said that Richard Grenell, who has made controversial political statements, is not fit for the position.

Richard Grenell has been named acting director of National Intelligence, which means he won't face the Senate endorsement until Trump nominates him for a permanent post.

Richard Grenell took the place of retired Admiral Joseph Maguire, whose term was set to expire in March.

Trump said in a tweet, "Richard Grenell represented our country in a generous way and I look forward to working with him."

The US President thanked the outgoing Joseph Maguire for his outstanding work.

He said Joseph would definitely harness Maguire's potential.

Richard Grenell is pro-gay.

Unaware of diplomatic etiquette, Richard Grenell has repeatedly made statements in Iran, China and other matters where the US is not involved.

"The appointment of a person with political inclination to the intelligence post would be excessive," said Samantha Powers, UN ambassador to Barack Obama's post.

In addition, Democratic Senator Mark Warner said in a statement that the president chose an inexperienced for the post of intelligence chief so that he could practically serve as the intelligence chief.


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