'Home Alone 2' had the honor of being the sequel, Donald Trump

'Home Alone 2' had the honor of being the sequel, Donald Trump

'Home Alone 2' had the honor of being the sequel, Donald Trump. Not to be shown on TV on Christmas Eve, every year, Hollywood's successful and children's favourite movie 'Home Alone' and its sequel must be shown.

But did you know that US President Donald Trump has also flown for a scene in the film?

Donald Trump became a part of the film for the sequel to the sequel to the 1992 release of the 1990 film 'Home Alone'.

In this scene, Donald Trump is seen leading the way for the protagonist Kevin.

During an interview with Donald Trump a few days ago about Christmas celebrations, Home Alone 2 was asked if this was his favourite Christmas movie.

In this regard, Donald Trump said,

"I’ve shown in the movie Home Alone 2, every year many people mention this movie, especially on Christmas Eve, children love this movie so much, they tell me. Do not watch it on TV like you see in this movie and then say we saw you in this movie, it was a good movie and I was a little young at the time.'


It should be noted that like Home Alone, the sequel to this movie 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' also proved successful at the box office.

Donald Trump further said that success is a favourite of all and that it is an honour to be featured in such a successful film.

Remember that the 1990 film 'Home Alone' is the story of a naughty child praying for his family to disappear on Christmas Eve.

At the same time, there are situations where he feels that his prayer has been accepted as his family is leaving for Paris for the Christmas holidays and they forget the 10-year-old naughty child at home.

The success of the film made Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin a star who played the lead role in the film.

Three sequels of the film also came out, of which the original cast was cast in the second, while the third and fourth sequels featured entirely new actors.

Remember that the whole story of Home Alone was based on the idea that parents left their child alone in the house, after which he was confronted by thieves alone.

In 1992, Movie Home Alone 2 grossed $ 365 million worldwide.

American company Disney has also announced the remake of this memorable 1990 film.


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