Hira, Mani and Atiqa Odho Corona Recovered Them.

Hira, Mani and Atiqa Odho Corona Recovered Them.

Actress Hira and her husband actor and host Mani recovered from Corona just 6 days later, while senior actress Atiqa Odho recovered 9 days later.

Actress Hira Mani had said on January 19 that she had been diagnosed with corona, after which her husband, being affected by her epidemic, raised the question of who would decide who got corona from whom.

After his wife contracted corona, Mani was also infected with corona, and he also told fans through social media posts that he too fell victim to the epidemic.

Initially, Hira Mani had said that she was infected with Corona, after which her husband also took a positive test.

The couple first contracted corona, both of whom were vaccinated against corona in June last year.

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The video of Hira mani being vaccinated went viral, as she was seen screaming in pain from the injection.

Just 6 days after suffering from corona, Hira and Mani shared their latest photos on Instagram, telling fans that they have recovered and are back to normal.

Hira Mani confirmed her recovery by sharing romantic photos with her husband on the beach.

Mani also shared a photo taken with his friends on the beach and said he also recovered from Corona.

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Atika Odho recovers after 9 days.

On the other hand, senior actress Atiqa Odho also confirmed her recovery from Corona and thanked the fans in the video.

Atiqa Odho said in a video released on January 24 that she did not show any severe symptoms of corona due to vaccination, and she recovered quickly.

According to the senior actress, despite being vaccinated, she was diagnosed with corona, but thankfully, she did not suffer much.

The actress appealed to the people to strictly follow the precautionary measures despite being vaccinated and to use face masks.

She especially appealed to the people of Karachi not only to take social distance but also to use face masks, as the corona has been spreading rapidly in recent times.

Atiqa Odho said in an Instagram post on January 16 that she had been diagnosed with corona and confined herself to the house.

Before Atiqa Odho, Hira and Mani, senior actresses Bushra Ansari and Mahira Khan fell victim to Corona's new type of 'Omicron' and soon recovered.

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