Hassan Ahmed on Children Embracing Christianity

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Hassan Ahmed on Children Embracing Christianity

Pakistani actor Hassan Ahmed and his wife, actress and model Sunita Marshall, recently shared insights into their interfaith marriage and parenting choices during an appearance on Musrat Misbah’s podcast. The married couple, in 2008, openly discussed navigating religious differences while raising their children.

During the podcast, Sunita Marshall revealed that they had agreed before their marriage that their children would be raised as Muslims. This decision was made to give their children a clear religious identity rather than having them oscillate between two faiths. It was a mutual decision to follow one religion to avoid any confusion for our children, Sunita Marshall stated.

Hassan Ahmed on Children Embracing Christianity

Hassan Ahmed, when questioned about the possibility of his children choosing Christianity after exposure to different cultures or religions, especially if they went abroad for studies, expressed strong confidence in their upbringing. I have complete faith in our religion and how we are raising our children, he said, dismissing concerns about them adopting a different faith.

Hassan Ahmed further explained that he occasionally pondered the hypothetical scenario of his children converting to Christianity but remained firm in his belief that it would not occur. However, he maintained a calm outlook on the matter, noting, If by any chance it happens, I wouldn’t be angry but would be curious to understand their reasons.


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Discussing his daughter, he described her as intelligent and argumentative, traits he believes will keep her rooted in Islam. She lives according to arguments, and if she ever decided to follow another religion, I am sure there would be a strong rationale behind it, which I would seek to understand, he explained.

The couple’s union has occasionally faced scrutiny due to their differing religious backgrounds—Hassan is a Muslim, and Sunita is a Christian. Despite the challenges, both have made significant strides in their respective careers. Sunita Marshall, who began her showbiz journey in 2000, has earned acclaim in modelling and acting, while Hassan Ahmed joined acting a bit later and has established himself in the industry.

Hassan Ahmed and Sunita Religious Differences

Their open discussion about faith and family highlights the complexities and dynamics of interfaith marriages, offering insights into how they balance personal beliefs with familial harmony.

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