Hasnain was Critically Injured by a Dog Bite in Larkana

Hasnain was Critically Injured by a Dog Bite in Larkana

KARACHI: Hasnain was critically injured by a dog bite in Larkana, he was undergoing treatment at NICH, Karachi, doctors said, adding that the infection could not be cured due to increased infection.

According to details, 6-year-old Hasnain died of a severe dog bite in Larkana, Director NICH says Hasnain's body has been handed over, Hasnain underwent several surgeries but Hasnain did not recover due to infection.

6 years old Hasnain, was treated at the NICH hospital in Karachi.

Expressing regret over the death of 6-year-old Hasnain of Larkana, Chief Minister Sindh said that we have tried in every way to save the life of the child.

It should be remembered that on November 14, the terrible incident of seizure occurred in Larkana, the hometown of the PPP, where six-year-old Hasnain was attacked by six hundred dogs on his way to the fields, with the attack deep on Hasnain's nose and head. The wounds were gone.

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The child was taken to Chandaka Medical Hospital in Larkana, but doctors raised his hand to see the condition and relieved him with only medical help. The child was brought to Karachi, sent first aid to Indus Hospital and sent to Karol Hospital, Civil Hospital. After refusing to take the case, the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) was transferred.

A medical board was formed to treat Hasnain, a 10-member medical board performed a medical examination, Hasnain's condition had begun to heal and doctors removed six-year-old Hasnain from the ventilator, and began feeding the drain. ۔

Spokesman Govt Sindh said that if needed, facilities will be provided to the child abroad.



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