Haseena Moin Will Make a Web Series on Breast Cancer

Haseena Moin Will Make a Web Series on Breast Cancer

Posted on Oct 6, 2020

Haseena Moin, the creator of liberal, secular, independent, bold, and feminine female characters in Pakistani dramas, will soon create a web series on breast cancer awareness in women. Yes, 80-year-old Haseena Moin will create a web series on breast cancer awareness for the Pakistani streaming platform Irinstra.

In a short video released on social media by Ranstra, Haseena Moin said that she joined the streaming platform to write a drama about breast cancer. She said in a short video that she had written a breast cancer awareness drama for Ranstra, which conveyed the message that if women were strong, they would not be able to do anything but fight cancer.

Irinstra said playwright Haseena Moin has become part of the streaming platform's advisory board, which means she will also submit content suggestions to the web platform. Although Ranstra confirmed in a social media post that Haseena Moin would create a web series on breast cancer for him, the platform did not specify how long the playwright would create a web series for her.

It is not yet clear whether Haseena Moin will direct the web series on breast cancer or someone else will direct the series. Rienstra and Haseena Moin have announced the launch of a web series on breast cancer at a time when the month of Pentecost is being celebrated all over the world, including Pakistan, for raising awareness about breast cancer.

Every year in the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated all over the world including Pakistan and the famous buildings of Pakistan are also painted in pink for this occasion. It is also worth mentioning here that Haseena Moin herself has been a victim of breast cancer in the past and she bravely defeated the deadly disease.

Haseena Moin had told Samina Pirzada in an interview in 2018 that she had 5 sisters and 3 brothers, some of whom died due to illness. In the same interview, he had said that he too had contracted cancer some time ago.

Referring to his illness, he said that when he underwent a medical test at the request of his brother, he was diagnosed with cancer and one of his breasts was also affected. According to Haseena Moin, when she was diagnosed with cancer, she did not feel any remorse but remained calm.

According to the writer and playwright, she beat cancer because of her family and the best doctors, and because of her illness she stopped writing and now that everything has changed, she does not write. At the same time, he revealed that some of his close friends were asking him to write his memoirs, but he has not written anything yet and if he did write the memoirs, he would include some fiction and lies along with the truth, why? That man cannot tell every truth of his life.

It is now thought that the web series on breast cancer, written by Haseena Moin, may be based on her own personal life, but it is too early to say.


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