Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe also confirmed corona virus?

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe  also confirmed corona virus?

This week, reports surfaced that actor Daniel Radcliffe, who played the lead role in the famous Hollywood fantasy film 'Harry Potter', has also been infected with the Coronavirus.

The social networking site tweeted on Twitter an account called 'The Spectator Index', claiming that 'Daniel Radcliffe has been infected with the Coronavirus and is the first popular actor to have been infected'.

After which, fans on social media started releasing messages for the actor.

The actor, on the other hand, dismissed all the news as baseless.

A spokesman for Daniel Radcliffe told the media that the news was unfounded.

Following which, the actor's tweeting accounts were suspended by Twitter.

It is understood that by the afternoon of March 11 worldwide, the number of coronary virus patients had reached 119,133, out of which 81 thousand were from China.

As of March 11, the death toll had risen to 4,285 while 65,779 patients were recovered from the affected people. In Pakistan, the number of Coronavirus patients had reached 20, out of which one recovered.


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