Half-year expenditures increased by 55 percent from the allocated budget

Half-year expenditures increased by 55 percent from the allocated budget

Islamabad: The government increased the development expenditure by 55 percent from the budget allocated, which is higher than the 35 percent increase in the same period last year.

According to the report, according to data released by the Planning Commission, they have released Rs 384 billion out of the budget allocated Rs 701 billion for development projects till January 17.

During the same period last year, the Planning Commission had released Rs 233 billion for development schemes out of a budget of Rs 375 billion allocated.

Under rapid expenditure, the government has released 78 per cent, 18 billion 60 crores in six months out of the Rs 24 billion allocated for development schemes under the Stable Development Goals (SDGs) for MPs.

It should be noted that the PTI government is facing severe criticism from its own MPs for their poor performance regarding development schemes in their constituencies and embarrassing their voters.

Of the Rs 18.6 billion of SDG schemes, Rs 6.6 billion was released last week.

Of the Rs 32 billion 50 crores allocated to increase security, the government has released a large portion of Rs 26 billion 80 crore, which represents 83 percent of the expenditure.

Of the federal government's special program for Temporary Migrants (TDPs) in the country, Rs. 5 billion has been spent so far, which is 15.4% of the allocation of Rs. 32 billion 50 crores. 1.5 per cent of the 10 billion rupees allocated for the youth and skilled program of the government has been spent, and likewise 18 per cent of the Rs 24 billion allocated for the development of the tribal areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 4 billion 40 crores. Rupees have been spent while out of the Rs 48 billion allocated for the 10-year development projects in the integrated areas, only 17 per cent of the Rs 8 billion has been spent so far.

Most importantly, no funds have been released so far of the Rs 2 billion allocated for the Prime Minister's priority project Clean Green Pakistan Movement.



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