Hajj cancellation due to corona has not been decided: Saudi ambassador

Hajj cancellation due to corona has not been decided: Saudi ambassador

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Saeed al-Maliki, has said that the Saudi government has not yet decided to cancel the Hajj this year because of the Coronavirus.

In an interview with Urdu News, Nawaf bin Saeed al-Maliki said that "no decision has been made by the Saudi government to cancel the Hajj this year".

He said that if there was a decision to cancel the Hajj, then the pilgrims would be made aware of the responsibility in a timely manner.

He made it clear that 'I assure you again that no decision on the cancellation of Hajj has been made at this time.'

Referring to the unemployed Pakistanis who have been affected by the Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia said that all those who have unapproved Iqamas and legal exits will be resumed on flights. Will be able to go back to Saudi Arabia.

He said that the Saudi Department of Passport has decided that all those who could not reach Saudi Arabia due to the 72-hour deadline for suspension of flights should be automatically extended their exit and return visas.

"Similarly, those who went to Saudi Arabia for Visa Visa or Umrah but could not return to their country will be fined and there will be no legal action on visa revocation," he said.

The Saudi ambassador said the decision to suspend flights to and from Saudi Arabia was taken as a precautionary measure to protect Saudi citizens, residents and Umrah pilgrims.

It is to be noted that for the past few days, news of the cancellation of Hajj has been circulating on social media by the Saudi government.

The Saudi government on February 27 temporarily suspended Umrah and tourism for the people of Corona virus-infected countries.

Later on March 4, Umrah's payment was temporarily suspended due to concerns over the Coronavirus.


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